Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s in The Library?

A. There are over 4000 Folders/Files all related to care operations and human resources management in some way.

Q. What areas of care do you cover?

A. Care Homes, Domiciliary Care Agencies and Supported Living Services.

Q. Does The Library contain all of the Policies and Procedures we need for registration?

A. Yes, we believe so. We have carefully reviewed the regulations for example, and we think our selection of materials exceeds the minimum requirements. Our customers are the best judges, and we consistently receive praise for our work.

Q. Do you keep your material up-to-date?

A. Yes. We are always looking at what is happening, and have an ongoing programme of updates. We let our customers know what we are doing on their behalf and when new material is published in The Library, we let our customers know, individually.

Q. Do I have to pay for updates?

A. No, you pay an annual subscription and receive updates free of charge as they arise during the year.

Q. Is the annual subscription the same each year?

A. No, definitely not. After the first year you will pay around 25% of the first year’s subscription for the second and subsequent years.

Q. How does The Library work?

A. You choose a section of The Library that you would like to join. You would then have access to the Folders/Files relevant to that section. We would allocate a User Name and Password to you. When you go on to the website, you enter this information. You will then have access to the Folders/Files in your section. They are arranged just like they would be on your computer. You click on Folders to open Files in just the same way as you are probably used to.

Q. When can I access Folders/Files?

A. Whenever you like.

Q. Can I save Files to my computer?

A. Yes. When you click on a File a box appears and asks you whether you want to save the File or simply open it. Click “save” and it’s permanently on your computer.

Q. Can I edit the File?

A. Yes – we think this is one of the most useful features. We are sure that when people read your Policies etc they want to see something of you – as our Files are produced in Microsoft Word, they are fully editable, and you can modify as you wish in order for you to personalise our work.

Q. Do I have to change anything?

A. No, not if you do not want to. But it’s nice to add the name of your organisation, at least – which is very easy to do, and should not take very long.

Have we answered all of your questions? If not, please call us on 01234 349852. We would be pleased to help.