Domiciliary Care – Policies Only Personalised

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The Policy Library – Domiciliary Care – Policies Only Personalised

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The Library contains a wealth of information which is certain to be of considrerable value to you as you manage your care operation.

Material in the Library is:

  • Fully editable (Microsoft Word)
  • Easily accessible 24/7. No special computer expertise needed
  • Invaluable and affordable
  • Downloadable directly to your computer 24/7
  • Updated regularly and members are informed of updates individually. Free updates in the first year
  • and, we act on Library Members' suggestions for new material for the benefit of all

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After completion of your purchase we will receive an email alert. This will prompt an email to you from us with your User Name and Password. You will then simply log on to, click on the Member's Area Link (top of the Home Page) and enter the Log in details we have supplied. You will then have immediate 24/7 access to download, save and edit the materials you need.

All of the Policies and Procedures for your chosen Care Section personalised, printed, bound and delivered to you.

You might be close to an Inspection, from CQC or Ofsted, and you want to impress them with a fine collection of comprehensive and well-written Policies and Procedures? Or simply want to refresh your existing set, which are maybe a bit stale? And you don’t want the stress of having to produce them yourself? Then look no further. We will personalise our complete set of policies and procedures (circa 80 +), print them out, place them into a Binder and have them delivered to you, first class.

No hassle, no stress, no worries. Job done!

We will also send you a CD containing all of your personalised policies and procedures. In this way, (as they are produced in Microsoft Word) you can make some finishing touches yourself, should you wish, at a later date.

Within a short time after ordering, (usually same day) we will contact you to obtain further information which will allow us to proceed to full personalisation.

We will then aim to have your bound set delivered to you within 5 working days, (weekends excluded).

Copyright Notice

We research, design, produce and offer for sale model policies and procedures for internal use within organisations. Although much of what we produce can be implemented without alteration, we appreciate that many of our customers will want to modify our work, so as to reflect the culture in which they operate. This is both permissible and encouraged. However, our products may not be used to create or update policies for any organisation other than the one making the purchase. In other words, you may not use or modify our work to offer to other organisations. We would consider this a gross violation of our copyright, and would act accordingly.